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Terms and Conditions

General Building Terms & Conditions of



1. The quotation we are providing is based on the information that we have been supplied and/or any relevant plans.

It relates to the works requested by the client to whom the estimate is addressed and is in respect of the property indicated. On receipt of working drawings we reserve the right to altar our quotation if the detailed information varies from the original enquiry.


2. The quotation is based on the visual inspection and assumed condition of the land/building,

unless stated otherwise with evidence of a written description or detailed plans from the structural engineer or architect. Any change to those conditions found to exist as work proceeds may result in additional charges to those initially indicated and DD Building Works will not be held liable.


3. The client, in accepting this quotation, agrees to DD Building Works carrying out the described works on his/her property, and he/she shall make reasonable provisions to protect his/her fixtures and fittings not subject to the described works and other possessions left in the property whilst the works are undertaken. The client shall also make safe, suitable and uninterrupted access.


4. The quotation is subject to the availability of materials, plant and labour at the time required.

Liability cannot be accepted for delays or their effects either whole or part to causes out of our control.


5. The quotation provided is based on known costs for materials etc., at the time of preparation.

Occasionally the building trade experiences sudden price increases. Whilst we aim to keep with in the quoted costs, we may be forced to increase charges when situations like this occur. We will notify the client of any such increases.


6. All visitors to the site where works are being carried out including owners of the property, do so at their own risk. DD Building Works will not accept any liability for injury should an accident occur.